Mentor/ Coach

Gabriela Andersson – Co-founder, Int. Cert. Coach/Mentor

Gabriela comes originally from Brazil and she has studied a lot of things and acquired a lot of life experience during fotogmany centuries. From engineering, languages to a masters in peace in development studies and research on migration and ethnic studies in Sweden. Besides, she is a certified holistic coach from USA and member at the world’s largest hypnotist organisation. She has education as a hypnotherapist from the Swedish School of Ethical Hypnosis. Her interests went even deeper into healing arts where she got Reiki I and II education but also Chinese medicine.



With her own challenges to integrate in Sweden after she migrated, she founded Integration in Sweden together with two other newcomers. From there, the organisation developed in her work connecting people and developing new ideas within the field of mentoring and coaching.

She has also worked an an employment officer for the Swedish Public Employment Agency as well as been written reports on professional mentoring. Her scientific research was about integration and entrepreneurship. Her interests have been above all to find solutions and help people unlock their talents and expand their awareness on how to achieve their goals and reach for happiness.

Her interest in coaching made her publish a self-help book on how to create and develop your projects and life experiences, “11 steps to Unlock your Creative Power, A manual to boost your projects and life experiences”, available online here.


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