Intuitive Mentoring


Hi, I am Gabriela, your Intuitive Mentor/ Coach. I have been working with mentoring and coaching for a decade now.

My work as a coach/mentor started with a professional mentoring (mentor-to-work) project I wrote and managed about ten years ago, with this organization, of which I am a co-founder. This project led to further questions about individual integration, which took me to a trip of getting perspective about the field working for the Swedish State as well as becoming a researcher in the field.

During that time, I also have gone through a migration and integration experience myself. All of this took me into self-development and reconnection with myself, which I now share with others through my work.

Today, I am using intuitive techniques to connect with the knowledge gathered in the field of social, human and health sciences. I have published several books in the field and work now by developing and carrying out training and coaching sessions, as a result of our last research project.


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