Transformative Mentoring


Hi, I am Gabriela Galvao, your Transformative Mentoring/ Coach. I have been working with mentoring and coaching for a decade now. But the biggest transformative work I have done, has been on myself.

I have been on a process of self-discovery and healing, which has taken me to the roots of my being. From there, I found out my talents, healed my challenges and started to learn how to focus my energy towards things I wanted to achieve consciously. This took me into a trip of empowerment. These challenges came up through my own migration to Sweden.

In the process of integrating into the labour market, I realised that the real changes migrants (or any other person going through life challenges) is firstly an individual change: the change starts as a learning process, where you may start to integrate different parts of yourself after migration. You may start then finding your way in the society but perhaps, the most important, the way to your own happiness. If you are not happy and balanced, you cannot do a good job, start a fulfilling business or perhaps feel that you do belong where you live.

In this work I have done, working both in the public sector as a former employment officer, researcher but also as a coach and project manager within this area, I realised that a new approach to this work was required.

Transformative Mentoring is the approach we have developed to work with you or your organisation with a holistic perspective. Whether you are trying to find solutions to work place integration, labour market integration, social challenges, unhealthy patterns you would like to change and so on, this is an approach that takes into consideration the whole you.

We look through together at:

  • You as a human being – all the parts you have inside, both physical, emotional, mental and existential aspects
  • The interaction between you and your object of attention: it could be a work you are searching, an unhealthy pattern you would like to address, a business model, workplace challenges and so on.
  • You can either get individual training in Transformative Mentoring but also company/organisation/ group workshops


With Individual Sessions, you get in touch with your own challenges and we address it together. We work at different levels of your being in order for integration of new aspects to happen and for you to see opportunities you may miss now.

With Group Session, you get together with others introduced to Transformative Mentoring and how you can apply it to your life, workplace, group or organisation.

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