Professional Mentoring


 Yrkesinriktat Mentorskap (Professional Mentoring) för utrikesfödda

Professional mentoring in Swedish “Yrkesinriktat Mentorskap” was a measure granted by the Swedish government during 2010. This measure approved different pilot projects in immigrant professional mentoring, leading to different outcomes.

We were one of the organisations implementing one of these projects, specifically in the region of Kronoberg. During a couple of years, we have acquired enormous experiences and knowledge on the challenges immigrants have about professional integration and recurring difficulties.

Our project network, participants and outcomes were published in different channels in media, such as SVT (Swedish television), DagensNyheter, SmålandsPosten and Swedish Radio.

Our project was born out our own challenges with integration coming from different countries. Later this has proved to be universal challenges.

In the project, we matched immigrants with natives within different professional fields but also with different matching techniques. We followed the pairs and groups and also offered different activities with partner organisations and individual meetings.