Professional Mentoring


 Yrkesinriktat Mentorskap (Professional Mentoring) för utrikesfödda

Our first professional mentoring project “Väg till Jobbet” started running 2010, where we had partnership with local, regional and national institutions in Sweden.

Our project network, participants and outcomes were published in different channels in media, such as SVT (Swedish television), DagensNyheter, SmålandsPosten and Swedish Radio.

This project took us into a trip of developing professional mentoring and coaching techniques to help not not only migrants but whoever is going through a challenge with integration, such as unemployment, career change, lack of network or psychosocial challenges…

Professional mentoring has evolved to embrace a more holistic approach that we are developing now in our current project “Bottom Up Integration”, where we have been testing different techniques, such as hypnosis and coaching.

You can read about our publications here. If you are interested in training, you are welcome to read more here.