From actions, emotions and thoughts into self-mastery

for self integration; business integration and newcomer integration



With a background in the field of professional mentoring and coaching, we have been coaching individuals, groups and organisations throughout the years. Our work has researched schools, public and private organisations, involving leaders and decision-makers.

Awareness of integration as a whole, involves understanding individuals at different levels and how they can be placed in a new position in the society, such as the labour market and a physical position, such as housing.



Our approach involves seeing individuals as a whole and tailoring to individuals specific needs, challenges, personalities, energies so to support them to move forward towards their goals. This together with the involvement of a workplace, a society or a group of friends, family and associations, help migrants and non-migrants to find harmony, a common understanding ground, prompting inner development and also production in the society.

Instead of loving individual’s potential to other countries or to a high debt the society can create by making people dependent on a social system, we believe that every person has unique capabilities and a seed within that can be uncovered and nurtured.

By nurturing what is within, it becomes easier to find a match outside. We believe that transformation happens from within, as well as a greater chance of succeeding in the current labour market and worldwide’s transformational processes.















Creating a common groups, we have  events, workshops and meetings. Every human being has something unique that can be exchanged for a greater good. When she or he cannot do it, his or her energy will instead be pushed down into depression and other activities that will lead to serious consequences to everyone around.

We believe that integration is the key to human, self-development and socioeconomic success, despite of one’s background, country of origin and education.

Nature is intelligent and we are part of nature. Every single thing in nature has a purpose but perhaps we do not know exactly. Everything is restored, transformed and everything goes through a process of beginning, growth, maturing and ending. There is no different with a human being.

As surrounded by nature, we are prompted to act as such. Uncovering your¬†own unique natural skills, may also allow you to find inner peace, success, health and all that you ever wish. And we are here to support you on this journey….
25maj2011_SverigesRadio_bild_Intervjumed Raed och Lisebeth







(Lisbeth and Raed on the end, a mentor and mentee – a lawyer from Sweden and one from Iraq; and Gabi Gal in the middle, co-founder of this organisation and coach/psychic medium).


Below, a dance course we organised for people from different backgrounds to meet informally.













Eslam was one of the participants in one of our professional mentoring projects who started his IT business. His perseverance shows that it is possible to do it if you want it!