Free Mentoring

-Are you experiencing challenges after moving to Sweden?

-Do you need professional and personal counselling/mentoring?

-Are you curious about your talents and want to know how to use them towards your dreams and goals?

In this project, Bottom Up Integration, financed by the European Social Fund, you are able to share your migration experiences to enhance people’s knowledge on what you think but also get free mentoring where you get help with your challenges, talents and professional development in Sweden.

Now there are only a few vacancies left! 

Apply by contacting us via our contact form here.

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Bottom Up Integration

EU_flagga_EurSocfond_cmyk-arial_700The European Social Fund finances our research project “Bottom Up Integration”, where we identify bottom up perspectives of migrants, their goals and challenges.

Within this project, we also offer a possibility for individual transformation through sessions, where we use different techniques, such as hypnosis and integrative coaching.

The point of this transformational chance is to offer YOU a possibility to get something from the project and widen your perspectives about yourself, the challenges you have, alternatives you will find throughout the sessions and maybe even contacts that allow you come closer to your goal.

We meet personally, via phone and online conference platforms.

In the end of the program, you can get a certificate and a reference to help you move forward.


Who can participate?

  • You are born outside Sweden
  • between 15 and 64 years old, and
  • good command of English or Swedish

We aim at balancing the amount of women and men in the project as well as making it accessible to people from different background and resources.


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All participants are interviewed before taking part in the project for our research purposes. After the interview, you will get a chance to participate in the following sessions. You accept that we handle your personal information and material for research, learning and other purposes, as well as to fulfill our financing reporting requirements, when you choose to participate in this project.

PS. No Shows will be debited 5000SEK.


Contact us here for more information:

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