From actions, emotions and thoughts into self-mastery

for self integration; business integration and newcomer integration


fotogabi11Gabi Gal is a co-founder of Integration in Sweden. She had an idea once when she moved to Sweden, when she noticed that a lot of people were sitting and waiting at home to make a change and start to integrate in the society. They just didn’t know how to do it. Many people were going to school to study Swedish for over six years. That made her feel astonished.

She came to Sweden in a very uncommon way. Her motivation to study the Swedish language through the contact with Swedish music took her into an inner trip into bliss. As a teenager, she already knew she would move abroad but just didn’t know where exactly. At the time, she applied to universities in the US and Canada but her soul was pushing her towards Sweden.

Since she was five, it was very clear in her mind that she would move abroad in the future. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she felt as  English was her mother tongue, even though she didn’t have any contact with native speakers (her family didn’t have resources for international trips), apart from the Internet. It was through interest in languages that she took herself on a trip into Germanic languages. First English, then German. Then, of all experiments with languages, she found that the Swedish was so strong that she fell in love with the language. At this time, she fell in love with Swedes too.

At the time she moved to Sweden, she had a background in engineering and languages. She thought that, as a translator, she would be able to keep on working through the Internet. For some reason, it was hard to keep working as such. This prompted her to start working with integration. The transition was hard, even though she could already speak Swedish when she moved to Sweden. She went through a process of adaptation that took her into further studies – she got a masters in peace in development studies – and also to relationship break-ups. For some moment, she thought she would better go back to Brazil. But something new came up all the time to make her stay in Sweden.

She got an opportunity to write and manage an integration project she wrote about professional mentoring through Integration in Sweden. This project was called “Way to Work” was financed by the Swedish State and had a cooperation with local authorities and businesses in Kronoberg. During these years, she acted as a coach as well.

From then, she started to work with the employment agency as an officer to understand what was wrong with integration at public level. Then, she got another role at national level where she had an opportunity to contact foreign authorities and integration departments. Her goal was to research further, so she wrote a research project and got financing for it together with Lunds and Malmö University.

During this time, a new awakening came to her that made her reconnect with her intuitive skills and realise that she was a psychic-medium. The more she coached people, through her last mentoring project, the more she noticed that psychic-mediumship (mediumskap) was a gift she had since childhood – but which she had refused for lack of knowledge of how to handle it. With that came the contact with people who have left the Earth planet to support her in the process.

During this research period, she got different certifications. She started to study trance-states deep into her own subconscious mind and remember past lives as a medical doctor, healer, helper, teacher. She came in contact with information that she found in actual places, books and people she was connected with in the past. This impulsed her to get a certification in holistic coaching and education in energy medicine.

From this time on, she has been heading Integration in Sweden towards the benefit of the Swedish society and other societies that would like to get exchange through courses, coaching sessions and workshops.

As an outcome of the last research/professional mentoring project financed by the European Social Fund, she wrote a book “Mastering Yourself“, you can find here. You can contact us for more information if you would like to get a printed copy.  Throughout the years she has written several books. Some of them are available online here.

As of benefit for the local community, she started Växjö Terapi, an organisation to support local development in the region of Kronoberg.

You can read more about her and her works on her personal website here.