From actions, emotions and thoughts into self-mastery

for self integration; business integration and newcomer integration

Professional Mentoring

Professional mentoring (yrkesinriktat mentorskap) is a kind of mentoring towards the labour market. This type of mentoring or coaching involves supporting someone who is not working (unemployed) or someone who is employed and need help to integrate in the workplace.

Professional mentoring can be used to support migrants and non-migrants. A person experiencing challenges at work may need professional mentoring to learn how to tackle challenges and find solutions. A migrant might need professional mentoring to learn about the labour market, how to use one’s gifts and how to tackle one’s challenges as well as creating or focusing on goals.

If professional mentoring has a holistic approach (as we do), it involves taking the whole individual into account. In other words, individuals are not only work-related, but also involve a whole personality, conscious and unconscious factors that may affect how they may interact at work or how they may find or not a job.

In the case of starting a business, professional mentoring can also be helpful to supply information and tips on how a person can move forward. We offer a mixture of professional mentoring and holistic coaching because we have experienced throughout the years that professional mentoring per se does not solve or can apply to all challenges an individual might have.

Therefore, professional mentoring has grown from a professional approach to an approach where the whole individual needs to be taken a look at and examined, so that other by-problems and challenges may be tackled, understood, transformed and healed. For this, we offer an intuitive mentoring/coaching approach, that we developed to support transition, growth and development phases.

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