As a result of our project Bottom Up Integration, financed by the ESF-fund, we have published different materials. We are sharing these materials with you here to support your organisations and shed light onto the question of socioeconomic integration most countries in the world experiences.


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Would you like to get training for individuals, for yourself and for a organisation/business?

You can learn about this mentoring method and get support with individual and corporate challenges regarding integration issues, such as supporting migrants and non-migrants to find their talents, learn how to get over challenges, integrate in the new environment, get physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support to go forward.

The approach we developed is of a holistic character, which involves taking into account the whole individuals and the organisations. As a result, we go from an individual and framework inside-out. This can be helpful if you would like to make the most of your own integration experience, learn how to succeed into your professional and even personal plans, find power within, learn how to find alternatives, learn how to make the most of your employee, support talents, surface issues that are not visible, move forward to different goals, find employment, start a business.

This intuitive approach we developed is best suitable for:

  • Individuals who need support and help with mentoring/coaching from a holistic perspective
  • Businesses and Companies who would like to support employees (migrants or non-migrants) to move forward in their development and production
  • Leaders who would like to learn how to guide employees and their business/organisation forward


We carry out the trainings both physically (in person) and by distance (online via video-conferences).