From actions, emotions and thoughts into self-mastery

for self integration; business integration and newcomer integration

Research and Cooperation


Throughout the years, we have worked with professional mentoring at different levels. From managing professional mentoring at regional level, connecting businesses, people and groups – to participating at governmental and European level in this field.

Professional mentoring has been a multifaceted experiences for us, which has made us embark in the last project, financed by the ESF-fund, aiming at producing new knowledge regarding professional mentoring. This new knowledge that we produced by both testing a new coaching and mentoring modell led to a book about intuitive mentoring (which can be read online in Swedish here and in English here), as well as publishing scientific articles in the field in international journals.

As a result of our project, we disseminate the knowledge that we have got through offering partnership and cooperation with organisations and groups that would like to benefit from these findings. The way that we have encountered is to support you in your own challenges. This can be in form of a workshop, support video-conference calls and personal coaching/mentoring sessions, which can help you and your organisation to integrate new skills, enhance knowledge regarding migration and also integration at different levels that you may experience.

Integration has to do with self-development and the ability to integrate different skills and parts within yourself so that you can use your own energy towards your own and other people’s benefits. If you want to apply this to a workplace level, you may like to immerse yourself into integrating new talents, and also your ability to be a good leader. Or perhaps you are experiencing challenges in the workplace or even with employing people originally from different cultures that you would like to integrate in your company’s scenario.


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