About us

Our story started as many other people coming originally from different countries and moving to Sweden. Yet, our story changed a little bit: we decided to start this organization instead to be able to connect people.

By connecting people, we also got connected. The connection – or labour market integration – we got, made us identify our talents but also help other people identify theirs. We found out how many people are lost – it does not matter if they are born abroad or in Sweden.

Segregation is lack of connection. Everyone can be segregated. Yet we also found out that no matter how hard people work with getting references, finding a job, studying a lot of courses, they can still have trouble with integration. It was then we started wondering why…

With our experience working with integration, we realized that there might be other factors besides formal labour market requirements that make people segregated. We decided to start working with identifying those factors and helping people in a holistic way: both with their inner challenges and their outer experiences.

What turned out to be a work with professional mentoring and coaching towards the labour market, became an integrative way of working with people from what they are inside. And it does not matter where you come from.

Read about the co-founder here.