About us


Integration in Sweden has many years experience in mentoring, professional mentoring and coaching. The organisation was grounded first as a non-profit organisation funded by the Swedish State. But later developed into this current organisational form, where we are working primarily with research in the area of integration but also offering coaching/mentoring for immigrants and people in need for integration.

Our research is evidence-based, focusing on highlighting individuals’ perspectives, who they are, what they need, their challenges and talents. Combining research with practice, we are also offering transformative  experiences for participants.

We have developed a new way of mentoring that integrates individuals’ physical, emotional, mental and existential aspects towards labour market integration. We have realised that most of challenges encountered by people who are unemployed, experienced career change, migration or any other type of segregation, are not solely dependent upon individuals’ merits, education, references and previous work experiences.

If you are curious to know how we work and understand more about integration processes, you are invited to contact us to get more information about our coming book.