A big part of our history has been working with mentoring and counselling people in phases of transition, such as migration to Sweden, entering the labour market, changing jobs, careers, starting a new career, starting or developing a business or growing from relationship issues.

We believe that integration is a much broader concept than simply finding jobs or helping people get income. The truth is that even if you get income somewhere, if you do not know exactly what is going on within you, you are probably going to experience difficulty in finding opportunities in the labour market or life.

Everything is connected. We are all connected. Things that happen outside yourself are reflections on things that may come from you or that you may not know.

A change in the path

As we work with change and helping people overcome changes, we realized that simply matching people to vacancies did not solve the problem of unemployment or integration. So we started working at a deeper level, integrating aspects from the mind, body and feelings. We now offer an integrative method for integration.

How we started

Our work with integration has expanded within the field of mentoring. Below you find pictures and reminders of our project with mentoring people into the labour market.


We have been lecturing in schools, such as Komvux.


We developed a Language Café to integrate people from different cultures. There people learned different languages, interacted with the local community and also with their mentors/mentees.

bild 1 Sveriges Radio 25 maj 2011 p4

Elisabeth and Raed, a mentor and a participant have been on the Swedish radio talking about their experience in the mentoring project “Way into Work” between 2010-2012. This couple was quite successful in their relationship and kept contact after their project participation. Both of them were lawyers. Lisbeth worked in Sweden and Raed in different countries in the Middle East and Asia. We have learned with them what makes a perfect match! Thank you!

25maj2011_SverigesRadio_bild_Intervjumed Raed och Lisebeth


We developed dance classes to integrate people. There, we engaged people not only focusing on professional goals but also social ones. We connected participants and members from Integration in Sweden and students at Linnaeus University.


Eslam ended up starting his business with help from our professional mentoring project. There, he decided to register his own company and launched his IT business. We learned how it is possible to start one’s own dream business with Eslam. Thank you.

Besides these examples, many other examples exist not only of participants but also mentors and people we have met who succeeded in achieving their goals and making their dreams true. Engaged mentors that contributed not only for their peers but also to the whole pairs and others who gave professional contacts. We have discovered many roles and possibilities to boost participants’ integration. And we also found out that integration happened not only for mentees but also for mentors.

We would like to thank everyone who has been engaged with Integration in Sweden and have contributed to our knowledge, wisdom but also by going ahead in life – that is what we wanted from the beginning.