From actions, emotions and thoughts into self-mastery

for self integration; business integration and newcomer integration

welcoming you home to yourself

During 2010, we – three people from different continents joined and started the basis for this organisation, as we realised the need to create a platform that offers support to migrants and also Swedes, so to create understanding, knowledge, wisdom, know how to benefit of one another and create integration.

Over the years, we have led different integration and mentoring projects, leading to the ground of our current work. Today we offer support both to migrants, organisations and businesses who would like to integrate co-workers, people, individuals and groups.

Integration, as we understand now, is a process of learning thyself. With a Bottom Up perspective in our work with mentoring and coaching, our last project supported by the European Social Fund, led to several new transformational experiences and new knowledge in the area of integration. But our work does not finish there.

The new book about how to master yourself (bemästra dig själv) has now been launched (you can read it online here (in English) and here (in Swedish).

Listen to a video here about the results of our ESF-financed project “Bottom Up Integration” and what you can learn from our book.

Video About The Results from Bottom Up Integration (Mastering Yourself, the book)

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